Swiffer Heavy-Duty Duster 6-foot Extender Starter-Set Review

Being part of the disabled and advocate community I encourage people to ask me questions about myself and my experience rather than make assumptions and I’m grateful that they do!

However, you would not believe how many people just assume that because I have cerebral palsy I can not do the mundane albeit necessary things everyone else does like cleaning. 

While it’s true I have limitations and don’t do some things or do things differently one thing I have complete control over in my home is cleaning because for the most part I enjoy it and I do it well. As they say, I work smarter not harder this is especially important when I’m limited on “spoons” and they vary by the day. 

(Shout out to my fellow spoonie community! If you’re not familiar with the spoon theory I probably sound crazy. But I encourage everyone to look into it and revisit this post and many others.)

I use ibotta and LOVE IT so when I was planning for my household restock recently and saw the offer for the Swiffer heavy-duty 6-foot extender starter pack I jumped on it!

I have zero regrets! 

Now before I continue let me say that every disability brings different challenges and no Cp case is the same just like anything else everyone and their experience is unique. 

With that being said,  where balance and stability are concerned for me personally we are in dangerous territory.  It’s less a than ideal thought to have to stand on things or lift things of substantial weight above chest height.  So dusting with traditional dusters was either a task I delegated to someone else or dangerously attempted myself with as mu caution possible. 

I stand 5 foot 6 inches tall. With my new 6-foot extending Swiffer duster I can reach 11 feet 6 inches off the ground with multi-directional swivel head options fully acceptable! I can reach everything while standing flat on the floor out of harm’s way!

This duster works disgustingly well and locks in all the allergen-causing dust and debris. I’m not even mad about how gross this thing gets because now I KNOW it’s clean!

The handle is ergonomically friendly and doesn’t strain my hands, it’s easy to adjust the length to fit the reach needed. It’s easy to slide on the dusters and they stay secured!

My kit includes one reusable handle with a hanging slot. And 4 dusters, (2 applications). 

I’m so happy to finally have disability-friendly cleaning products like this! It’s a total game-changer for me and allows me to be proud of something I can control and enjoy knowing I do it effectively and safely. I’d like to believe this was created with people like me in mind because it truly feels like it was. 

I would buy 100x over and recommend this for everyone!  The only thing I would change would be making dust covers for the wand that are reusable / machine washable that are a car detailing cloth type of material. As far as I’m aware, no reusable dusters are available for the extender set. 

Good job Swiffer, THANK YOU!

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We did it!

It’s September 22 and I/ Tatorthoughts has exceeded both my goal donation amount, 10k daily step goal and my whole month step goal of 300,000 steps with time to spare! Participation in this year’s Steptember challenge has been trying, but extremely beneficial to me! Thankful I was blessed with the opportunity to step with a purpose for such a meaningful cause.
The month of September isn’t over yet and there is still plenty of time to make strides and raise more funding for cerebral palsy research.
Thank you to all who have supported me in this endeavor and sent kind messages & donations. Please know you’ve participated in so much change. Together we have moved cerebral palsy research forward.

For more information about steprember, to follow my journey or to donate to the cause visit the link below!


“Steptember” challenge 2021 raising money for cerebral palsy research

I’m on day 8 of the STEPTEMBER challenge for cerebral palsy research funding taking as many steps as I can with a goal of 10k daily for the 30 days of the month of September.
so far I have not only met but exceeded my donation goal amount!

we may be 8 days in but it’s not too late to join me in the fight to move CP research forward as it is one of the most underfunded disabilities!

register to walk or donate to the cause by downloading the steptember app on iOS or Android devices in their app stores!

if you’d like to join MY Walk TEAM or would like to donate you can do so at the link below!

I would like to thank you all for your support with my brainchild Tatorthoughts.com nearly 4 years strong, Cerebral palsy research and the many other incredible causes I’ve been able to be a part of thanks to your support!

I/ Tatorthoughts is in the top 800 of all individual STEPtember program participants for goals reached and donations given!

When you’re someone with cp who has lived their entire existence being written off, underestimated And told of all the things you just “can’t” do you begin to believe it. I am thankful however that I could re-write that false narrative! I am powerful, I am capable and I am blessed to be part of the change that I’ve always wanted to see!

I know just how incredibly fortunate I am to have people who believe in my dreams enough to support me, partner with me and send me kind words of encouragement. I have been so blessed to partner with some of the most amazing companies and business owners simply because I had a dream and I believed I could. I have had people tell me that I’ve made their lives better in some small way and that is exactly why I do everything I do. I do it for my kids I do it to be an example of how wrong people can truly be about someone, I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I know the sky is the limit for myself , Anyone reading this and those I come in contact with! this walk is no different! We can make change! One step at a time. This is an incredible chapter in my story, And I know there’s more to come!


you can register to walk free of charge with promo code: STEPFREE

Join the fight to move research forward!

Xx Tator!