Snuza hero product review:

This is the Snuza hero review!

{My precious son was an all too willing participant for this review as you can see}
I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Snuza on not one but two of their impeccable products!}

Snuza is a voice for the ones who need it most, babies!

with the snuza hero you can conveniently clip the monitor onto the child’s diaper no cords, wires or even sensor pads are necessary. 

The Snuza monitor lets you sleep soundly knowing you’ll be alerted if your child’s abdominal movements slow to less than 8 times a minute or even stop. 

The units vibration stimulates baby to start breathing again after 15 seconds of no movement. Alarms sound after just 20 seconds of no abdominal movements. 

We enjoyed the simplicity of use with the Snuza hero knowing that the most precious of all are sleeping soundly. 

The lights add a visual reassurance that the unit is working and your baby is safe yet is never distracting or over stimulating. You never have to worry about the flashing light keeping you, or baby awake. The Snuza is easy to set up and install and takes at max 2 minutes At nap or bedtime. 

The simplicity of the Snuza hero wearable baby abdominal movement monitor is charming! No wires, socks, cords or sensor pads are needed you don’t even need a WiFi connection or Bluetooth!

The monitor comes with a protective case for easy on the go travel making it perfect for any and all impromptu sleep sessions your little one may venture on so you always know they’re safe!

And as you can see Raiden isn’t bothered one bit by wearing the Snuza, being wrapped up and headed on his way to bed!

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