Custom home decor from Justine’s words that stick!

Double hitter day!

Hopefully my hubby doesn’t see this before I can show him in person & boy keeping this gem to myself HAS NOT been easy!

Justine’s words that stick has hit it out of the park again with my new favorite addition to my home decor! Commemorating the day skeeter & I officially got married! There may not have been a dress, cake or a crowd and we may have gotten married during a global pandemic when I was exactly 12 weeks from giving birth but not even life at its craziest & most unexpected can stop love!

This perfectly done piece captures that & so much more. This is something that will transform any future house into a home, and be in the background of countless more memories made. This beautiful statement piece will one day tell the story of our love long after we’ve gone on to a better place. 

There really are such few limitations on what Justine can do. Let her talents help your crafting dreams become a beautiful reality!

Join her vip group and contact her today!

Justine’s words that stick is Such a personal and artistic place to turn to for unique gift ideas, company needs and all things custom!

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Custom shirt product review!

I’m back at it again with another reason to love Justine’s words that stick! These shirts are INCREDIBLE.. let me go in on a backstory here.. yes I had her make two shirts for me which one I wear depends on the crowd I’m in. Sure traditionally husband & wife shirts are sold in pairs to match but depending on who you ask I’m someone’s wife but to others I’m wifey- a sarcastically originated comment, turned term of endearment.
Now that you’re all caught up on why there’s three let me tell you how much we love them.. ALOT
you’d think it’d be hard to capture such personality in something so seemingly simple but she’s managed to do it YET AGAIN. SURPRISED?.. I’m not!
I couldn’t capture my own photos to rightfully do her work justice but she exceeded all expectations again!
The vinyl won’t crack and these shirts will last a long long time. There’s no overwhelming smell like some custom items I’ve received which is a total plus because nobody wants to walk around smelling like chemicals even after wash.
Speaking of wash, they do it well (I crack myself up, sometimes.)
If you can dream it she can do it I suggest you reach out! Y’all know where to find her! Go get some gear you won’t be disappointed!

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Justine’s words that stick product review: Custom Printed water bottles

Justine’s words that stick Custom printed water bottle product review.

As I write this I ask myself if there’s anything this woman can’t do.. the answer is probably no.. or at least very few!
We all know there’s epoxy & custom decal tumblers that can be made to order & some look incredible but did you know you could have a custom printed water bottle??! I didn’t before I met Justine but let me tell you this thing is so much better than you can imagine. It’s definitely an epic statement piece that belongs in anyone’s favorite drink wear collection whether it’s for use, display or both!
I want to take this bottle everywhere I go.
It’s unique, cleanly designed, durable and priceless to me because it showcases something incredibly important to me. There’s no denying who this bottle belongs to and to top it off it’s really easy to keep clean!
What are you waiting for? I know my content is amazing but you seriously need to go get yourself one now! You won’t regret it… but your friends might be super Jealous! (They will.)

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VIP group:

also, because I know y’all love custom products so much I’ve dedicated an entire page to all of the collaborations with this incredible lady! There are several to come so make sure you check back often!

Little yeti custom children’s book product review!

Prior to the server failure and the holidays I collaborated with little yeti customized children’s books and while our collaboration came about due to what many people considered questionable advertising by offering birth weight specific discounts that were found to be hurtful and exclusive to many  I was actually pleasantly surprised by their quality and how well done the books really are. 

No company is perfect so I’d say it’s a safe assumption that I’d have one made for any future children I have as well. 

In their “my very first day books”, that can be customized for either boy or girl we follow the adventure of a small sleepy penguin and his conversation with the moon high above his igloo home as he or she learns about their very first day, From learning their season to their weight & length at birth and even how they got their names. 

Each page is customizable to your child’s own birth information and it isn’t until the end of the book that children can infer this entire story is about a small penguin just like them!

The vibrantly colored pages and well bound books are an adorable representation of how incredible their unique story is. These make great keepsakes and gifts for anyone from parents, grandparents or caregivers alike!

I liked the fact that the creation of the book was simple and shipping was swift and painless. Their customer support team is very responsive and helpful which is a great quality for any company. 

They even give the option to customize a dedication page in the front of the book before it’s sent to production so you have a nicely designed dedication page if you wish to add your own words for your child. (I obviously opted to do so.)

You can take a look at what they offer here:

If you have any questions their customer relations representatives are very kind and happy to help. 

I can’t wait to get one made for our “pot-of-gold” daughter this year!

(For those who may not be familiar, a pot of gold child is a child born after a rainbow baby. My rainbow baby is my son who was born following 3 miscarriages. Thus making these books even more special to our family!)

I look forward to the possibility of contenting my partnership with them if they see fit for me to do so but I think my son is going to love his very special book when he receives it for his first birthday in March this year!

How is my baby nearly ONE?!

I hope my partnership with little yeti brings your family as much joy as it’s brought me this far & I’d like to say thank you to a wonderful company for such a generous opportunity!

(Their books are also multi- lingual.)

Always violet tri-product review!

I recently partnered with always violet. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them on three products & this is the MEGA review. 

How adorable is this outfit?! 

It’s made of quality material and in my opinion would hold up pretty well against a carefree child. 

I see this as a unisex outfit but it’s geared towards boys because they have a plethora of clothing items for children & release more often. 

I ordered this particular three piece set in 2t (the largest available) but they do offer other sizes. 

It seems very comfortable. 

I like the fact that it comes with a matching hat However knowing my child I doubt he’d keep it on his head. 

This outfit does have buttons so I caution parents who’s children like to pick at them. 

There is something I noticed though, unlike traditional branded clothing this has NO SIZE listed in the garments at all. Making it very difficult to keep track of for those of us who suffer from mom brain. 

Overall it’s a great item & I’d purchase other clothing items from them in the future. 

Item two: children’s digital camera. 

First impression: this is much smaller than I expected. 

Awkward to hold even in the small hands of my 7 month old. 

As a fun explorational toy for young kids it does what it’s intended to do but I don’t see it withstanding much especially with rough children. 

Is it worth purchasing? Absolutely if for nothing other than the experience to see the world through your child’s eyes. I know I’m personally looking forward to that. 

Computer connectivity is simple enough and over all this is a decent discovery toy. 

Item three: baby changer pad


it has zippier pockets and mesh pockets to hold diaper change necessities. 

It comes in adorable patterns & can be used with any gender baby. This even works well for my nearly 29 inch long 7 month old!

This is a pretty simple & straight forward product but I see it as absolutely worth it!

Anyone with a child in diaper needs this. 

The material seems sturdy and easily wiped clean but as for durability only time will tell. 

You can find these products and so many others here:

New products are added often so check back frequently to see what else becomes available. 

Overall always violet is a pretty nifty little market place. 

Syki motto diaper bag review & comparison!


-5 exterior compartments 2 of which have zipper closings. 

-7 interior pockets including an insulated bottle pocket, large zipper closure compartment and convenient pacifier specific pocket. 

-This diaper bag is extremely spacious extremely visually appealing and has two bonus features including an aesthetically pleasing clear wet bag and an included changing pad with water resistant liner, handle and Velcro closure.   

Each pocket regardless of location is spacious to accommodate any need. 

The interior is high quality in true syki fashion with water resistant material and the ability to be conveniently wiped clean in the event of inevitable masses. 

This bag could easily be used by pumping moms looking for discretion

The motto nursery bag by ryco is part of the syki line that doesn’t disappoint. This bag is fashion forward and could be used from birth to early preschool during potty training and beyond to carry toys while on the go. 

The zipper color and quilted design highly complement Any style making it the go to bag of choice. This is Perfect if you’re looking for a diaper-bag that you can have monogrammed because It is composed of very thick durable material that no doubt will withstand the test of time. 

Syki+Ryco= A sound investment for both yourself and your children. 

Money well spent. 

In comparison to my ipack baby diaper bag that we had purchased for Raiden (which I originally thought I LOVED.)

I’d prefer a bag from the syki collection!

The autumn & motto bags are incredible!

(You can find the Review for the autumn bag in the syki product reviews subcategory!)

You can purchase yours from their beautiful site here:motto/

Syki product review: toddler monitor!

As a parent we know as Much as we’d like to have eyes in the back of our heads, we don’t. 

Sometimes toddlers are simply too fast and too sneaky for both their own safety and our overall sanity. This is where the toddler monitor comes in, this simple adorable device becomes your second pair of eyes when connected to your smartphone. You can use this long range capable sensor on both exterior and interior doors!

Don’t want your little one to have access to the laundry room or garage without your knowledge? Toddler monitor to the rescue!

Keep your toddler safe inside with a sensor on both your front and back doors. 

Give your child the freedom to Rome in their parent designated “safe zones” without having to worry about their safety. 

The toddler monitor by syki offers Independence to your children while ensuring peace of mind for parents and caregivers. 

The toddler offers the longest Bluetooth connectivity range on the market so you and your smartphone would need to stray pretty far to be out of reach!

If  you think your kiddo is just too sneaky for the toddler monitor think again! With 3 sensitivity levels even the slightest movement can be detected and you’d absolutely be notified if your child managed to remove (or even try to remove) the monitor from its host door!

Since the monitor is internationally charged by included usb there’s no need to replace batteries ever just plug it up, charge and armor your home against danger!

Nothing happens without your knowledge with or without a second and 3rd pair of eyes!

It’s Bluetooth meaning you could essentially take it everywhere so you can safe guard even the most unfamiliar of places such as hotel rooms on vacation or even the homes of family and friends. 

They sell them in sets so they’re definitely worth the investment and as a parent and teacher myself these would make an incredible gift!

Of course it takes a village to raise children but these little door monsters help carry the load! 

The safety of children is as it should be every caregivers main priority so these are definitely a sound investment for anyone with love in their heart for a child!

And with it being summer this is the perfect addition to your safety precautions if you have a pool!

I’m beginning to see that syki doesn’t disappoint!

Buy yours, single or as a set here:

Syki bath support product review! (Re-upload)

I had the incredible opportunity to review a syki bath support,with a little help from one of my favorite tiny humans. While I’m a fan of the ever classic sink bath, this bath support by syki gives the comfort of a sink bath in a bathtub for easier transition from little to big with no tears. 

Unlike the mesh or fabric bath supports that you’ll find on the market today, syki’s support is made of sturdy non slip material that is extremely easy to clean post bath play and there’s no worry of mold and mildew. 

I love the fact that while this support is not collapsible, it’s still very easily transported, easy to hang and dry and it’s built in hanging option gives you the opportunity to tuck it away when not in use. 

*Less than an hour total dry time. 

My little product tester seemed to be very comfortable. I never once worried that he was going to slide down. Thanks to quality material used in manufacturing he was able to kick and splash in the water without even budging the Support’s position in the tub, or his position on the support. 

The way that the Support is shaped towards the bottom gave me some concern before the first initial use while I thought it might be fine for little girls I thought it might pose a problem for little boys. If you follow me you know what I’m referring to. But I’d like to keep my platform appropriate & available to all ages. 

I was pleased to see that that was not the case! If anything it made bathtime a little bit easier. At least, when we used it we weren’t dodging streams of Pee. 

(Boy mamas feel me on this one.)

I didn’t find the support to be bulky or take up too much space so all & all I give it 9 out of 10

Just because my son is already over 2 foot tall and 16+ pounds at 4 months old. I only wish they offered a size up. 

Great product, amazing company and the best quality money can buy. Syki is on their game and I think it’s high time other companies take notes. 

Yookidoo product review!

This is the review of the yookidoo gymotion tummy time playland ideal for babies from birth to 1 year. 

Just when I thought their family of products couldn’t get any better I was proven wrong! every baby product company has a tummy time Matt but how many can say that their tummy time Matt comes with two attention grabbing friends, hooks a track and an interactive buggy all while being completely portable?! No one but yookidoo!

This is not only an extremely convenient toy but it also promotes baby’s development. 

The gymotion playland promotes Chest and shoulder strength, development of peripheral vision And encourage baby to reach all while offering support.

Everything is completely removable for easy cleaning. 

The matt and car cover “friends” cow and dog are machine washable as well as the attached pillow. 

The track car and ring attachments can all be safely removed and wiped down as well making for a clean & healthy play experience. 

attachments and closures are made of soft, safe Velcro.

The track & buggie attachment takes simple AAA batteries to operate. 

The many colors and patterns are a major attention grabber. 

They’ve even included a secure pouch to safely store the included buggy cover animals or other accessories such as pacifiers or teethers. 

The quality of this particular product is above even what I’d expect from yookidoo or any other company. This is definitely worth the purchase!

For size comparison Raiden is over 2 foot long at 3 months old and still has plenty of room to play. So this product is clearly made to accommodate growing babies even on the go!

It’s very simple to fold with all pieces safely kept inside for travel near and far all while taking up no more space than a diaper bag does. 

This playtime essential even has its own convenient handle for a briefcase style fold and Carry. 

Yet another yookidoo product review is in the books. I cannot wait to see what else they come up with! It’s been an amazing journey with them and one I hope continues!

Do yourself and the babies in your life a major favor and go checkout yookidoo’s website for your new favorite toys. 

(Thank me later.)

Syki life pearls product review (Re-upload)

Life pearls is the perfect gift for new parents!

At first glance it’s a beautiful vase full of pearls over 900 of them in fact but it’s so much more than that. 

LifePearls and the companion app are a beautiful representation on how short the 18 years we have with our children as children really are. With one pearl for each week of life to their 18th birthday LifePearls offers an innovative way to make sure each week counts and priceless memories are made. The app offers a tailored advice section as well as activity suggestions based on your child’s age and developmental stage and even a place to store memories made! There you can store the pictures taken during these activities, share with family & friends and a virtual album is created for you. 

The purchase of your LifePearls vase includes an app activation membership code. 

The app available for iOS and android devices is very well done, extremely simple to operate and visually appealing. 

You don’t even have to purchase a vase for each child but I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to! The app gives you the opportunity to add multiple children under your profile and get personalized advice and activities for each child I must caution you however, once a child is added they cannot be removed. (This could potentially pose a problem if god forbid parents add their child(ren) before birth and something unfortunate were to happen.)

You also receive reminders when to remove pearls and how many to remove when you set up your account and add a child that’s already began their 18 year journey. 

There are also tons of creative things you can do with the pearls as you remove one each week. 

Needless to say we LOVE OUR PEARLS! I’m grateful to syki not only for giving me the opportunity to do this review and make memories with my precious babies but also for creating a product like this to give that same opportunity to parents and caregivers everywhere. 

I truly feel each child deserves their own special LifePearls set because LifePearls is nothing less than an outward representation of the limited opportunities we have to create childhood memories and as the pearls dwindle like sand through an hourglass so does that time. 

Don’t wait!

Purchase yours here: