Nicu awareness 2020

September is nicu awareness month and no, I haven’t been avoiding the topic though it does hit close to home. 

I’ve been soaking up everyday with my son,thankful I’ve been able to watch my child grow for 18 months, he’s come so far from the gray limp baby I watched be pulled from my body behind a clear drape. He’s changed so much from the child I couldn’t touch or speak to without his tachycardia and tachypnea becoming dangerous while he Laid there helpless and kept alive by a ventilator. 

That’s never how any parent wants to see their child. Definitely not what parents of an early term 37 weeker expect especially after the experience of a caesarean. 

We did. That was, is and will always be the reality of Raiden’s first 11 days on earth with us. His earliest memories were both earth shattering and precious I can still hear the beep of the monitors and the bang of the machines but I’m grateful for every doctor and every nurse for every second they spent saving my son making sure that my days at home without him were few, we are thankful. We are grateful. We are blessed beyond measure not only that he is our son but that he is here and healthy as I sing these praises and tell our story. 

The world may only recognize nicu awareness for the month of September but for us? It’s every. Single. day. 


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lets get real #momtalk

Buckle up! It’s time for some real #momtalk

Before you pass judgment on me for looking like a psycho checking every label at the grocery store maybe you should remind yourself that you don’t know everyone’s story for example, I bet you didn’t think of those people who suffer from serious food allergies other than peanuts. MY kids just happen to be allergic to the PROTEIN in cows milk and the DYES added to foods.
My son who is the farthest from a picky eater I’ve ever seen is going through a serious independence stage where he will only eat things he can feed himself comfortably. We’re also dealing with major teething, growth spurts, and texture awareness on top of his allergy
His sister is a baby who shares the same allergy. Her entire existence is sustained by me through our breastfeeding journey and guess what that means.. what they can’t have, I can’t have!
This will most likely out last our time breastfeeding too because I am the biggest supporter of my children.  I have gone out of my way to find meals, treats, and restaurants that can accommodate them and now, myself.
It’s not easy but they’re more than worth it so if you must judge me at-least understand why you’re judging us.