lets get real #momtalk

Buckle up! It’s time for some real #momtalk

Before you pass judgment on me for looking like a psycho checking every label at the grocery store maybe you should remind yourself that you don’t know everyone’s story for example, I bet you didn’t think of those people who suffer from serious food allergies other than peanuts. MY kids just happen to be allergic to the PROTEIN in cows milk and the DYES added to foods.
My son who is the farthest from a picky eater I’ve ever seen is going through a serious independence stage where he will only eat things he can feed himself comfortably. We’re also dealing with major teething, growth spurts, and texture awareness on top of his allergy
His sister is a baby who shares the same allergy. Her entire existence is sustained by me through our breastfeeding journey and guess what that means.. what they can’t have, I can’t have!
This will most likely out last our time breastfeeding too because I am the biggest supporter of my children.  I have gone out of my way to find meals, treats, and restaurants that can accommodate them and now, myself.
It’s not easy but they’re more than worth it so if you must judge me at-least understand why you’re judging us.

I’m back.. but as Tator mama of 2.

I apologize for my recent absence. Between the coronavirus pandemic and my high risk pregnancy getting much more difficult I took time to focus on myself and my family in much needed ways.

I have safely and successfully delivered our beautiful daughter sawyer 9 days ago on 6/18/20 healthy, beautiful and precious. we are home with big brother and skeeter and I couldn’t be more proud to be their parents. thank you all for your understanding. please be sure to look for lots of fun exciting reviews coming soon as I adjust to having a heart twice the size thanks to my babies but time that unfortunately doesn’t grow.

Love to you all. Be kind.


The cold hard truth..

I can’t pause my pregnancy to ride out the covid19 pandemic, I have begged, pleaded & prayed that this would all be over by now.. but with just 74 days to go before I welcome my daughter, I mourn the death of a dream.
The dream of having my loved ones by my side after my surgery, the dream of announcing her name to the world with a hospital door sign, the dream of having hospital newborn and family photos taken.
I mourn the dream of giving birth to at least one of my children with any kind of normalcy.
Now, instead of preparing with excitement I prepare hesitantly knowing that if she needs the nicu for any reason no one, not even her father & myself will be permitted to be with her at all which as many of you may remember would be vastly different than our sons 11 day nicu stay last year..
I’ll never get this time back.
I don’t get to redo my daughters birth.
I am bitter this virus has cheated me out of so much, I am afraid for my children, I am filled with guilt from the dread I feel having to leave my son and not seeing him until I return home and I feel guilty for dreading her arrival even in such uncertainty.
Make no mistake, I love my children and I know how incredibly blessed I am to have them especially after the journey we faced to get to them but my heart still breaks for what I wish could’ve been.. no mother should face this.
Today I choose thankful positivity, I may not have control over anything else but I will prepare for her with great faith instead of all consuming fear.
Xx -Tator

2020 advancements for Tatorthoughts.com: an important update!

skeeter and I pride ourselves on Tatorthoughts and how far it’s come in two years of life. We thank you all for your continued support even through setbacks like major technical difficulties and practicality starting from scratch. I work very hard to bring you high quality content and skeeter does everything he can to keep your site experience a smooth one, with that being said, I have decided to expand my horizons and bring you more diverse content. Along with what we have always brought to you I may be adding more adult oriented product reviews if the opportunity presents itself. These reviews will be housed on their own pages and should never appear on the main feed in an effort to keep this site friendly for all visitors. all reviews will as always be kept as pg13 as possible. I look forward to the opportunity to share these products and services with you. Please stay tuned for more information and the most up to date relevant Tatorthoughts posts. Don’t forget you can subscribe to receive notifications also!


!!Site maintenance advisory!!

Tatorthoughts.com is currently undergoing site maintenance, with this being said the site may go down February 20th, 2020 And may take up to 7 days to return back online.
It may not go down at all or the duration for which it is down may be short This is hard to predict. However we do know that once this is resolved tatorthoughts will be back full force!

Thank you for your continued support, and understanding.
Tator & Skeeter- Tatorthoughts.com.

Foundations are formed in the most unexpected of places..

Y’all don’t understand.
I was an aunt before I was anything else. My entire being that became who I am today was formed on the foundation of someone looking up to me.
My nieces & nephews were my friends. They were my kids before I had my own kids. Anyone who truly knows me can tell you I breathe for these kids. Some I’ve been there for since before the day they were born, some came swooping into my life unexpectedly when I became a part of Corey’s life and some just found their way to me because they were supposed to for the better of everyone. I couldn’t imagine my life without the 12 of them. Nor would I ever want to. Seeing the way they all love my son, not only like the cousin he is but like a brother and seeing the way they light up with excitement over my daughter melts my heart like a blowtorch on chocolate.
Now, Of course I love that my children are well loved but it does my heart such good to see them pouring love into others like I poured it into them.
I am many many things, not all of them pleasant but I will always be a mother and an aunt before anything else.
I may never be perfect and I didn’t hang the moon but even on my worst of days I’m still who they look to. I couldn’t be more proud or more blessed with the children god has given me the opportunity to love and influence for such a long time, in such a big way. This is proof that biology, timing and circumstance mean nothing. Love is greater than anything.

that’s just my thoughts on the subject,

xx Tator

Motherhood: The hardest blessing.

I love my children. I love my family.

there’s so much more there than what people see and I’m sure most (if not all) mothers can attest to the fact that motherhood is the most stressful, beautiful, blissful, thankless, sleepless and for a lot of us the most isolating blessing ever.

Would any of us change it? Probably not.
That however doesn’t discredit the fact that being a wife, a partner, a primary caregiver and Still remain an individual Is overwhelming.

Being the “glue” For an entire household isn’t for the faint of heart. Caring for the needs children, the daily demands of a household, providing love and nurture to those you love most and always putting yourself last.
There just simply isn’t enough hours in the day and sometimes that leaves you feeling defeated instead of accomplished.
Sometimes I celebrate just being able to get everyone through the hard days alive because that’s an accomplishment.
this intensifies when you work, don’t have a support system, suffer the isolation of a stay at home mom or have a disability that throws extra hurdles in your way.
No one ever wants to discuss the “mom guilt” we all feel at some point. “Are we doing enough?” Are “we doing this right?” “Will my kids grow up with the right values?” “Did I love my family enough today?”

Motherhood is hard, raw, brutal at times but we all want one common thing, we want what’s best for our families and we all hope that it’s us.

moral of the story,

there’s millions of parents all over the world, different cultures and a billion ways to do the same things but there’s no way to be a perfect parent, wife or person. Your family doesn’t want or NEED perfect they need you. So give them that and try your best to make it the best version of yourself possible. Do what fits your family best. You’re doing a great job.

We’re back, and rebuilding!

Hey guys!

Due to some unforeseen technical issues with corrupted servers and deleted information tatorthoughts was down for a little over a month. 

To be completely honest the technical difficulties we faced were enough to make me consider giving up my dream and all that is tatorthoughts.com. I felt completely defeated with the realization that over two years of passion & hard work could just be gone in the blink of an eye. 

I took a few days to collect my thoughts and reflect on what I truly wanted and giving up in the face of disappointment is not the message I want to send to my children or my readers. I’ve decided to rebuild and do my best to make my site better in 2020 with new content while re-uploading some classic blog pieces from the last two years also. 

Thank you all for your continued support without you my dream would not be possible. 

Xx Tator