Breaks prevent burnout.

I took a hiatus from the world for a while so I could check back into life. 
posts have been sparse compared to where we started nearly 3 years ago, I admit. I took a break from everything to check back into life.  There are things nobody tells you, like no matter how much you hate something in the moment there will be days where you look back and miss it Or how valuable pictures can be especially when the world turns unforgivingly and they are all you have left when moments become memories. With complete transparency, I must say my most prized possessions are those that are irreplaceable. Photographs, hand & foot prints of my quickly growing children, cards my husband actually writes in, things drawn & made for me by my dozen nieces & nephews or the amazing children I’ve gotten to teach and watch flourish throughout my career. These things may be but paper to most but to me they’re better than diamonds and jewels, as obviously cliche as that sounds it’s the gods honest truth. 
As Christmas and holiday traditions approach I can’t help but feel the magic in the air as if I were again a child. Only this time with the genuine adult appreciation of the insignificant things that truly matter, the people around the tree rather than what lies beneath it. 
Merry Christmas & happy holidays from my family to yours!

Xx Tator

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