Syki product review: toddler monitor!

As a parent we know as Much as we’d like to have eyes in the back of our heads, we don’t. 

Sometimes toddlers are simply too fast and too sneaky for both their own safety and our overall sanity. This is where the toddler monitor comes in, this simple adorable device becomes your second pair of eyes when connected to your smartphone. You can use this long range capable sensor on both exterior and interior doors!

Don’t want your little one to have access to the laundry room or garage without your knowledge? Toddler monitor to the rescue!

Keep your toddler safe inside with a sensor on both your front and back doors. 

Give your child the freedom to Rome in their parent designated “safe zones” without having to worry about their safety. 

The toddler monitor by syki offers Independence to your children while ensuring peace of mind for parents and caregivers. 

The toddler offers the longest Bluetooth connectivity range on the market so you and your smartphone would need to stray pretty far to be out of reach!

If  you think your kiddo is just too sneaky for the toddler monitor think again! With 3 sensitivity levels even the slightest movement can be detected and you’d absolutely be notified if your child managed to remove (or even try to remove) the monitor from its host door!

Since the monitor is internationally charged by included usb there’s no need to replace batteries ever just plug it up, charge and armor your home against danger!

Nothing happens without your knowledge with or without a second and 3rd pair of eyes!

It’s Bluetooth meaning you could essentially take it everywhere so you can safe guard even the most unfamiliar of places such as hotel rooms on vacation or even the homes of family and friends. 

They sell them in sets so they’re definitely worth the investment and as a parent and teacher myself these would make an incredible gift!

Of course it takes a village to raise children but these little door monsters help carry the load! 

The safety of children is as it should be every caregivers main priority so these are definitely a sound investment for anyone with love in their heart for a child!

And with it being summer this is the perfect addition to your safety precautions if you have a pool!

I’m beginning to see that syki doesn’t disappoint!

Buy yours, single or as a set here:

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