Syki bath support product review! (Re-upload)

I had the incredible opportunity to review a syki bath support,with a little help from one of my favorite tiny humans. While I’m a fan of the ever classic sink bath, this bath support by syki gives the comfort of a sink bath in a bathtub for easier transition from little to big with no tears. 

Unlike the mesh or fabric bath supports that you’ll find on the market today, syki’s support is made of sturdy non slip material that is extremely easy to clean post bath play and there’s no worry of mold and mildew. 

I love the fact that while this support is not collapsible, it’s still very easily transported, easy to hang and dry and it’s built in hanging option gives you the opportunity to tuck it away when not in use. 

*Less than an hour total dry time. 

My little product tester seemed to be very comfortable. I never once worried that he was going to slide down. Thanks to quality material used in manufacturing he was able to kick and splash in the water without even budging the Support’s position in the tub, or his position on the support. 

The way that the Support is shaped towards the bottom gave me some concern before the first initial use while I thought it might be fine for little girls I thought it might pose a problem for little boys. If you follow me you know what I’m referring to. But I’d like to keep my platform appropriate & available to all ages. 

I was pleased to see that that was not the case! If anything it made bathtime a little bit easier. At least, when we used it we weren’t dodging streams of Pee. 

(Boy mamas feel me on this one.)

I didn’t find the support to be bulky or take up too much space so all & all I give it 9 out of 10

Just because my son is already over 2 foot tall and 16+ pounds at 4 months old. I only wish they offered a size up. 

Great product, amazing company and the best quality money can buy. Syki is on their game and I think it’s high time other companies take notes.