Syki motto diaper bag review & comparison!


-5 exterior compartments 2 of which have zipper closings. 

-7 interior pockets including an insulated bottle pocket, large zipper closure compartment and convenient pacifier specific pocket. 

-This diaper bag is extremely spacious extremely visually appealing and has two bonus features including an aesthetically pleasing clear wet bag and an included changing pad with water resistant liner, handle and Velcro closure.   

Each pocket regardless of location is spacious to accommodate any need. 

The interior is high quality in true syki fashion with water resistant material and the ability to be conveniently wiped clean in the event of inevitable masses. 

This bag could easily be used by pumping moms looking for discretion

The motto nursery bag by ryco is part of the syki line that doesn’t disappoint. This bag is fashion forward and could be used from birth to early preschool during potty training and beyond to carry toys while on the go. 

The zipper color and quilted design highly complement Any style making it the go to bag of choice. This is Perfect if you’re looking for a diaper-bag that you can have monogrammed because It is composed of very thick durable material that no doubt will withstand the test of time. 

Syki+Ryco= A sound investment for both yourself and your children. 

Money well spent. 

In comparison to my ipack baby diaper bag that we had purchased for Raiden (which I originally thought I LOVED.)

I’d prefer a bag from the syki collection!

The autumn & motto bags are incredible!

(You can find the Review for the autumn bag in the syki product reviews subcategory!)

You can purchase yours from their beautiful site here:motto/

Syki product review: The autumn grey diaper bag experience. (re-upload)

My partnership with Syki is in full swing!

This partnership is huge! I’ll be reviewing several items for Syki and I couldn’t be more excited. 

I traded in my wonderful ipack baby chevron diaper bag that I absolutely adore for one week and switched to the autumn grey bag by Ryco!

Like my current bag the autumn has tons of pockets, an insulated bottle pocket to keep bottles hot or cold, and an included matching changing easy clean pad however this Ryco bag offers things my ipack baby doesn’t. 

-the fabric material is waterproof 

-the inside lining is wipe clean and waterproof. 


-there is even a designated pacifier pocket on the inside!

The bag itself is lighter than my current one, even when packed which is nice. 

I’ve only found 3 drawbacks in comparison of these two bags but of course each of these is just a personal preference 

-the outer pockets are not zippered. 

-the autumn does not come with a wipe travel case 

-and lastly the autumn does not have the protective pegs on the bottom of the bag that the ipack does so fabric is touching whatever surface directly when the bag is sat down. 

Again, these are extremely minuscule details but I’m here to deliver all the facts. 

The week that I used the autumn for this review we had several appointments. 

I’m very pleased with the experience we had. Ryco clearly took these things into consideration when designing their line because I loved the fact that I could safely wipe down the waterproof fabric to help cut back on any gems we may have brought home with us from doctors offices, hospitals and any other highly populated areas we visited where germs are bound to linger. 

As a breastfeeding mother it’s not a stretch to say that I would’ve used this diaper bag as a pumping bag & purse combination! This thing is spacious and plenty roomy to hold all pumping supplies and essentials discreetly!

This diaper bag is gender neutral which I love and could very easily be personalized with heat transfer vinyl or even embroidered for those parents looking for a personal touch. 

I LOVE this bag. The question is… now that this week is up will I switch back to my ipack?

Maybe,maybe not. Only time will tell. Is it worth the purchase? Absolutely. 

No question if I was contacted by Syki or Ryco to review the rest of their diaper bag line I would do it no hesitation! That is how positive this experience has been.