Syki life pearls product review (Re-upload)

Life pearls is the perfect gift for new parents!

At first glance it’s a beautiful vase full of pearls over 900 of them in fact but it’s so much more than that. 

LifePearls and the companion app are a beautiful representation on how short the 18 years we have with our children as children really are. With one pearl for each week of life to their 18th birthday LifePearls offers an innovative way to make sure each week counts and priceless memories are made. The app offers a tailored advice section as well as activity suggestions based on your child’s age and developmental stage and even a place to store memories made! There you can store the pictures taken during these activities, share with family & friends and a virtual album is created for you. 

The purchase of your LifePearls vase includes an app activation membership code. 

The app available for iOS and android devices is very well done, extremely simple to operate and visually appealing. 

You don’t even have to purchase a vase for each child but I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to! The app gives you the opportunity to add multiple children under your profile and get personalized advice and activities for each child I must caution you however, once a child is added they cannot be removed. (This could potentially pose a problem if god forbid parents add their child(ren) before birth and something unfortunate were to happen.)

You also receive reminders when to remove pearls and how many to remove when you set up your account and add a child that’s already began their 18 year journey. 

There are also tons of creative things you can do with the pearls as you remove one each week. 

Needless to say we LOVE OUR PEARLS! I’m grateful to syki not only for giving me the opportunity to do this review and make memories with my precious babies but also for creating a product like this to give that same opportunity to parents and caregivers everywhere. 

I truly feel each child deserves their own special LifePearls set because LifePearls is nothing less than an outward representation of the limited opportunities we have to create childhood memories and as the pearls dwindle like sand through an hourglass so does that time. 

Don’t wait!

Purchase yours here: