Foundations are formed in the most unexpected of places..

Y’all don’t understand.
I was an aunt before I was anything else. My entire being that became who I am today was formed on the foundation of someone looking up to me.
My nieces & nephews were my friends. They were my kids before I had my own kids. Anyone who truly knows me can tell you I breathe for these kids. Some I’ve been there for since before the day they were born, some came swooping into my life unexpectedly when I became a part of Corey’s life and some just found their way to me because they were supposed to for the better of everyone. I couldn’t imagine my life without the 12 of them. Nor would I ever want to. Seeing the way they all love my son, not only like the cousin he is but like a brother and seeing the way they light up with excitement over my daughter melts my heart like a blowtorch on chocolate.
Now, Of course I love that my children are well loved but it does my heart such good to see them pouring love into others like I poured it into them.
I am many many things, not all of them pleasant but I will always be a mother and an aunt before anything else.
I may never be perfect and I didn’t hang the moon but even on my worst of days I’m still who they look to. I couldn’t be more proud or more blessed with the children god has given me the opportunity to love and influence for such a long time, in such a big way. This is proof that biology, timing and circumstance mean nothing. Love is greater than anything.

that’s just my thoughts on the subject,

xx Tator

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