Little yeti review revisit 2020!

There are certain things in life that take your breath away, the birth of your children is definitely a big one.  

I’m back with another review from little Yeti, a wonderful company that makes custom personalized books that follow a baby penguin being told a bedtime story by the moon about their very first day!

Now, you as parents will know this penguin’s story quite well because it is the story of your child! Including all the special little details from birth weight and name to the day of the week, astrological sign, and everything in between!

These books are offered in both hardback and paperback formats with vibrant colorfully printed pages with options for both boys and girls! During customization, you’re also given the option to personalize the dedication of the book with a special note for the recipient.

I personally own both types, a paperback purchased for my son last year and a hardback purchased for my daughter this year. 

These are MUST HAVE BOOKS for any child in any family from all walks of life! 

These are made to fit the child so whether in foster care, in their biological families, or touched by adoption THIS BOOK IS FOR EVERYONE. 

I’m so proud to say that I’ve worked with a company that does something so special. 

Hats off to little Yeti for creating books that are the perfect reminder of how incredible our stories are!  

If you’d like to purchase books for your loved ones or yourself, you can do so here:

Little yeti custom children’s book product review!

Prior to the server failure and the holidays I collaborated with little yeti customized children’s books and while our collaboration came about due to what many people considered questionable advertising by offering birth weight specific discounts that were found to be hurtful and exclusive to many  I was actually pleasantly surprised by their quality and how well done the books really are. 

No company is perfect so I’d say it’s a safe assumption that I’d have one made for any future children I have as well. 

In their “my very first day books”, that can be customized for either boy or girl we follow the adventure of a small sleepy penguin and his conversation with the moon high above his igloo home as he or she learns about their very first day, From learning their season to their weight & length at birth and even how they got their names. 

Each page is customizable to your child’s own birth information and it isn’t until the end of the book that children can infer this entire story is about a small penguin just like them!

The vibrantly colored pages and well bound books are an adorable representation of how incredible their unique story is. These make great keepsakes and gifts for anyone from parents, grandparents or caregivers alike!

I liked the fact that the creation of the book was simple and shipping was swift and painless. Their customer support team is very responsive and helpful which is a great quality for any company. 

They even give the option to customize a dedication page in the front of the book before it’s sent to production so you have a nicely designed dedication page if you wish to add your own words for your child. (I obviously opted to do so.)

You can take a look at what they offer here:

If you have any questions their customer relations representatives are very kind and happy to help. 

I can’t wait to get one made for our “pot-of-gold” daughter this year!

(For those who may not be familiar, a pot of gold child is a child born after a rainbow baby. My rainbow baby is my son who was born following 3 miscarriages. Thus making these books even more special to our family!)

I look forward to the possibility of contenting my partnership with them if they see fit for me to do so but I think my son is going to love his very special book when he receives it for his first birthday in March this year!

How is my baby nearly ONE?!

I hope my partnership with little yeti brings your family as much joy as it’s brought me this far & I’d like to say thank you to a wonderful company for such a generous opportunity!

(Their books are also multi- lingual.)