Welcome 2021!

Welcome to 2021 everyone! Let’s start this year off right with something personal and perfect for you!

I’ve teamed up with Bella from Bell’s dream customs to bring you all that your dreams desire!

If your new year’s resolution was to drink more water hook yourself or a loved one up with a custom tumbler or water bottle! (Your organs will thank you!)

You name it Bella makes it!

Coasters, cups, lipgloss, shirts! You dream it she does it. 

RIGHT NOW THROUGH 1/26/21 you can BOGO 50% off custom tumblers!

This deal is a steal! 

Click this link to snatch it up before it’s gone!!


Go get your new favorite cup y’all!

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work is going in behind the scenes!

You guys are probably wondering what I’ve been up to…

Well to answer that simply aside from being a wife, mom & boss keeping certifications current and becoming the magic in Christmas while maintaining my position as the glue of my family I’ve been working on custom decor, magic photo edits and lining up some great content for tatorthoughts coming in 2021! Featuring a fabulous segment partnership with custom cuddle blankets! [you don’t wanna miss this!] 

I also just wanna say thank you to all my followers and readers, you have all made this little dream a grand investment over the past few years and have all been along on my greatest journey yet. I’m extremely grateful for you all and have been blessed to chase my dreams and do what I love while partnering with incredible companies and owners along the way.

Cheers to a better year ahead! 

Remember to make the most of what you’re given, be thankful and have faith. We’re gonna make it through this life including this pandemic together, nothing lasts forever!

Please do what you can to stay safe & in good spirits. 

Xx Tator. 

Breaks prevent burnout.

I took a hiatus from the world for a while so I could check back into life. 
posts have been sparse compared to where we started nearly 3 years ago, I admit. I took a break from everything to check back into life.  There are things nobody tells you, like no matter how much you hate something in the moment there will be days where you look back and miss it Or how valuable pictures can be especially when the world turns unforgivingly and they are all you have left when moments become memories. With complete transparency, I must say my most prized possessions are those that are irreplaceable. Photographs, hand & foot prints of my quickly growing children, cards my husband actually writes in, things drawn & made for me by my dozen nieces & nephews or the amazing children I’ve gotten to teach and watch flourish throughout my career. These things may be but paper to most but to me they’re better than diamonds and jewels, as obviously cliche as that sounds it’s the gods honest truth. 
As Christmas and holiday traditions approach I can’t help but feel the magic in the air as if I were again a child. Only this time with the genuine adult appreciation of the insignificant things that truly matter, the people around the tree rather than what lies beneath it. 
Merry Christmas & happy holidays from my family to yours!

Xx Tator


Guys! I’m back with an awesome collaboration and our very first giveaway!

Tatorthoughts has partnered with more than a memory! I’m excited to bring you a review of a hanging chore chart and 12 magnet set!

Anyone who knows me knows I have lists everywhere, new goals everyday calendars on my fridge, reminders on my phone. THE WORKS! because that’s what it takes to keep my house ticking like a clock instead of exploding into chaos like a bomb. Well let me tell you this hanging chore chart was everything I didn’t know I needed! 

It’s the perfect lively addition to any decor and it’s functional y’all! You even have dry erase options!!

She has errand magnets, picture magnets and even school subject sets! You name it, they’ve got it and I’m willing to bet if they don’t she’s open to the idea!

This thing rocks!

I don’t know what I was doing before this but it doesn’t matter now because seeing task after task be moved to the complete side of my board makes me happy! No matter how small the task it’s a physical representation of how well I’m holding down the fort for my family!

She is the SWEETEST Etsy shop owner I’ve worked with. I was very specific how I liked my board to be and she made it all that and more!!! She even sent a sweet little note with it!

But WAIT.. it gets better!

We’ve teamed up to do our very first giveaway on the site!

Thanks to our friends at MTAMChoreCharts on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/MTAMChoreCharts

We’ll be giving away 3 prizes!


*many will enter few will win*

We will have a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winner!

The giveaway items will be a custom chore chart & magnet set, an errand magnet set and a school subjects magnet set!

To enter this giveaway you must:

•favorite  MTAMChoreCharts on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/MTAMChoreCharts

And subscribe to & hit the notification bell on tatorthoughts.com!



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Once you’ve entered comment done here!!

We’ll have 3 winners but if you don’t win don’t worry! You can get your own customs done over on her Etsy! Tell her tatorthoughts sent ya!

MTAMChoreCharts on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/MTAMChoreCharts

Little yeti review revisit 2020!

There are certain things in life that take your breath away, the birth of your children is definitely a big one.  

I’m back with another review from little Yeti, a wonderful company that makes custom personalized books that follow a baby penguin being told a bedtime story by the moon about their very first day!

Now, you as parents will know this penguin’s story quite well because it is the story of your child! Including all the special little details from birth weight and name to the day of the week, astrological sign, and everything in between!

These books are offered in both hardback and paperback formats with vibrant colorfully printed pages with options for both boys and girls! During customization, you’re also given the option to personalize the dedication of the book with a special note for the recipient.

I personally own both types, a paperback purchased for my son last year and a hardback purchased for my daughter this year. 

These are MUST HAVE BOOKS for any child in any family from all walks of life! 

These are made to fit the child so whether in foster care, in their biological families, or touched by adoption THIS BOOK IS FOR EVERYONE. 

I’m so proud to say that I’ve worked with a company that does something so special. 

Hats off to little Yeti for creating books that are the perfect reminder of how incredible our stories are!  

If you’d like to purchase books for your loved ones or yourself, you can do so here:


Nicu awareness 2020

September is nicu awareness month and no, I haven’t been avoiding the topic though it does hit close to home. 

I’ve been soaking up everyday with my son,thankful I’ve been able to watch my child grow for 18 months, he’s come so far from the gray limp baby I watched be pulled from my body behind a clear drape. He’s changed so much from the child I couldn’t touch or speak to without his tachycardia and tachypnea becoming dangerous while he Laid there helpless and kept alive by a ventilator. 

That’s never how any parent wants to see their child. Definitely not what parents of an early term 37 weeker expect especially after the experience of a caesarean. 

We did. That was, is and will always be the reality of Raiden’s first 11 days on earth with us. His earliest memories were both earth shattering and precious I can still hear the beep of the monitors and the bang of the machines but I’m grateful for every doctor and every nurse for every second they spent saving my son making sure that my days at home without him were few, we are thankful. We are grateful. We are blessed beyond measure not only that he is our son but that he is here and healthy as I sing these praises and tell our story. 

The world may only recognize nicu awareness for the month of September but for us? It’s every. Single. day. 


  • Tator, nicu mom, former nicu baby

Custom home decor from Justine’s words that stick!

Double hitter day!

Hopefully my hubby doesn’t see this before I can show him in person & boy keeping this gem to myself HAS NOT been easy!

Justine’s words that stick has hit it out of the park again with my new favorite addition to my home decor! Commemorating the day skeeter & I officially got married! There may not have been a dress, cake or a crowd and we may have gotten married during a global pandemic when I was exactly 12 weeks from giving birth but not even life at its craziest & most unexpected can stop love!

This perfectly done piece captures that & so much more. This is something that will transform any future house into a home, and be in the background of countless more memories made. This beautiful statement piece will one day tell the story of our love long after we’ve gone on to a better place. 

There really are such few limitations on what Justine can do. Let her talents help your crafting dreams become a beautiful reality!

Join her vip group and contact her today!

Justine’s words that stick is Such a personal and artistic place to turn to for unique gift ideas, company needs and all things custom!

Check out her Facebook page and vip group here:

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Here’s where new traditions start: a Justine’s words that stick

Hey guys! I’m back with another review with Justine from Justine’s words that stick!

We’re huge on Christmas traditions (really any traditions) around here, so it’s no surprise that I turned to Justine for all our custom one of a kind holiday needs, she made us this custom Christmas ornament of our 2019 family photo, And Raiden’s first Christmas!! I love it, it’s a perfect representation of our personality as a family! It’ll most definitely hang on our Christmas tree for years to come & most likely become one of THOSE embarrassing ornaments as Raiden grows. (I don’t mind that one bit!)

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have her make one every year, yeah I’m THAT mom & super proud of it! 

It’s almost September, Is it still too soon to break out the tree??! I mean 2020 has been insane so I say I should get a free pass on this one! Who’s with me?!

Go order your ornaments ASAP! Thank me later!

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lets get real #momtalk

Buckle up! It’s time for some real #momtalk

Before you pass judgment on me for looking like a psycho checking every label at the grocery store maybe you should remind yourself that you don’t know everyone’s story for example, I bet you didn’t think of those people who suffer from serious food allergies other than peanuts. MY kids just happen to be allergic to the PROTEIN in cows milk and the DYES added to foods.
My son who is the farthest from a picky eater I’ve ever seen is going through a serious independence stage where he will only eat things he can feed himself comfortably. We’re also dealing with major teething, growth spurts, and texture awareness on top of his allergy
His sister is a baby who shares the same allergy. Her entire existence is sustained by me through our breastfeeding journey and guess what that means.. what they can’t have, I can’t have!
This will most likely out last our time breastfeeding too because I am the biggest supporter of my children.  I have gone out of my way to find meals, treats, and restaurants that can accommodate them and now, myself.
It’s not easy but they’re more than worth it so if you must judge me at-least understand why you’re judging us.

Custom shirt product review!

I’m back at it again with another reason to love Justine’s words that stick! These shirts are INCREDIBLE.. let me go in on a backstory here.. yes I had her make two shirts for me which one I wear depends on the crowd I’m in. Sure traditionally husband & wife shirts are sold in pairs to match but depending on who you ask I’m someone’s wife but to others I’m wifey- a sarcastically originated comment, turned term of endearment.
Now that you’re all caught up on why there’s three let me tell you how much we love them.. ALOT
you’d think it’d be hard to capture such personality in something so seemingly simple but she’s managed to do it YET AGAIN. SURPRISED?.. I’m not!
I couldn’t capture my own photos to rightfully do her work justice but she exceeded all expectations again!
The vinyl won’t crack and these shirts will last a long long time. There’s no overwhelming smell like some custom items I’ve received which is a total plus because nobody wants to walk around smelling like chemicals even after wash.
Speaking of wash, they do it well (I crack myself up, sometimes.)
If you can dream it she can do it I suggest you reach out! Y’all know where to find her! Go get some gear you won’t be disappointed!

Check out her Facebook page and vip group here:
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